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I've been turning my winter knitting creative juices toward full… - Knitting and Crochet [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Raks Knitty

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[Dec. 17th, 2007|12:18 pm]
Raks Knitty


I've been turning my winter knitting creative juices toward full length fingerless gloves and armwarmers. I think we can all agree that these Marquise Gauntlets are very BD appropriate. I'm thinking about adapting them to go over the hand in a possibly more tribal fashion (as they are now they're fabulous for the cabaret!)

I'm making these Annalina gauntlets for my coworkers for the holidays this year. They're meant to be a little blousy but they make a good basis for a more snug fitting full length set of mitts.

Here's what I'd do to make them more dance friendly:
Cast on two to four more stitches in ribbing, tthen when you begin the stockinette portion of the pattern, decrease gradually over a few rows depending upon where the band will sit on the arm (or you could simply secure it with an arm band or invisible tape, double-sided tape).
Rather than decreasing to 50 st, you could decrease to 45. Knit for a few extra inches for additional length (they come to just at the crease of the elbow on me)

I'm going to seam these on my husband's arm so they'll still be blousy for a woman, but snug enough to function as intended. If you were using these for dance you could have a buddy seam them inside out on your own arm.