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Knitting and Crochet

by Bellydancers

Raks Knitty
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For bellydancers who like to knit.

1) Please keep all posts relevant to bellydancing AND knitting. Meaning, if you post a project you just finished, make sure it's something you can use for bellydance.
2) There are no rules about pictures and LJ cuts and all that. Just use common sense.
3) Sales/auction posts are fine, and there are no specific rules about posting criteria. Just remember to make sure it involves knitting (or crochet) and bellydance. I'll throw macrame in there for the heck of it ;)
4) Be nice.
5) No other community promotions, because they're annoying.
And finally, the most important rule:
6) If you used a pattern or other resources please provide all of the necessary information for others to take advantage your hard work and inspiration. Did you use a pattern you found online or in a book? Please link to it. What kind of yarn did you use? Did you do anything special to it (koolaid dye, felting/fulling?)? Did you make any changes to the pattern? Be specific!